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Most firms prepare their cases for “litigation” or settlement. Nassiri & Jung prepares to win at trial. We believe that this trial-oriented philosophy gives our clients a clear advantage when it comes to obtaining favorable results because we focus on the heart of each of our cases, not the unnecessary side issues that some attorneys see as their bread and butter. Our results-focus also facilitates an honest view of case vulnerabilities so they can be addressed now rather than when it's too late.

Our philosophy illuminates every aspect of our practice. While no single strategy is best for every case, experience shows that clients often achieve the best--and most cost-effective--outcomes through this results-oriented and trial-ready approach.

  • We formulate trial strategies, not just “litigation” plans
  • We craft trial themes, not just legal arguments
  • We use our depositions to gain admissions, not just as a discovery method

Our philosophy makes us different. Let us help you maximize your odds of winning.

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